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July 19, 2010



Yes, please!


definitely! i was at artbeat and got two of your teacups and want more! do you make teapots?

Elizabeth Gonzalez-Guillot

Please do!!!! I love your work and bought several peices from you last summer at the SOWA Market in the South End of Boston. I have been trying to figure out a way to buy your things and looked for you on Etsy. I would buy so much more from you and recommend you to my friends like you wouldn't believe. Please sell your things on line!!!! I beg you!

Karissa Chase

Thanks Ladies. I just sent through my SOWA Holiday Market application so hopefully I will be back in Boston in December with lots of new goodies. In the meantime I have been so busy filling orders for stores I haven't had time to look at my Etsy store.
Teapots would be awesome and I might have a think about those. They are complicated little suckers to make but so much fun.

Mish Madsen

Hi! I saw you at Artbeat and really wanted to buy your stuff once I found a job... hope you start your Etsy store soon!


oh my gosh! your work is amazingly adorable!! i love your bold colors and graphic designs! so. much. fun!!!!


Yes-- i was at artbeat months ago, and I can't stop thinking about your sets.


no question, you definitely should sell on Etsy.....love your creations:)

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